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Navis Classics at the High End Munich 2016

6-8 May 2016

Navis Classics was present at the High End 2016 Munich. We gave demonstrations of our multichannel recordings in the series ‘Faszination Mehrkanal’. We met a very devoted audience, listening with closed eyes to the Navis recordings. Very nice to meet colleagues such as Jared Sacks (Channel Classics), Morten Lindberg (2L) and Jean-Marie Geijsen (Polyhymnia International) in the demo room. The High End 2016 was also the moment for Dali to release their new sampler, including a Navis Classics track (Zemtsov Viola Quartet).

Joachim Eijlander and Besim Hoti

Festival Classique 2016 – National Dutch Television

Dimitris Tiliakos and Vassilis Varvaresos

Winterreise album presentation

April 18, Megaron Hypatia

Noé Inui and Vassilis Varvaresos

“From Greece with Love”

February 8, 2015: Duo recital at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Find out more by clicking here

Joachim Eijlander – Bach Cello Suites Vol. 2

Presentation tour ‘van Goes tot Groningen’

Free, 30 minute concerts and signing sessions in Dutch record stores.

Ensemble Houthandel – Into the Woods

December 13: Presentation concert – Concertgebouw Amsterdam
Live performance on Radio 4, “Spiegelzaalconcert”. Click here for more info.

Noé Inui and Vassilis Varvaresos –  ‘The First and the Last Romantic’

October 3, Sociëteit de Vereeniging Den Haag

Joachim Eijlander – Bach Cello Suites Vol.1

May 31 2015 Wijnkoperij Hosman Frères Vlaardingen

Zemtsov Viola Quartet

May 17 2014 Viola Viola Festival Haarlem

May 18 2014 Spiegelzaalconcert Concertgebouw Amsterdam